About Us

About Ashmed Specialist Hospital


About Us

ASHMED SPECIALIST HOSPITAL was founded in Nigeria. The hospital is an ultra-modern facility aimed at providing basic health care to every cadre of society. Our aim is to ensure that everybody in society can afford our service and cater to the need of those who desire exclusive service at a premium.

Ashmed Specialist Hospital is a one hundred and sixty nine (169) bed complex located No. 33, Power Plant Road, Agwa New Extension, Kudendan, Kaduna. With modern equipment and over 300 staff and healthcare professionals. We are committed to the provision of compelling quality timeless medical services to our patients. We have medical professionals at Ashmed Specialist Hospital, who are highly trained and have a great deal of experience. The clinic runs 24-hours a day. Our Specialists have their own consulting rooms and handle all medical problems. The medical officers are supported by a consultant general practitioner and a team of specialist consultants. At Ashmed Specialist Hospital, we are committed to providing modern healthcare for everyone.

We are hiring expert doctors

We are always available 24/7 everywhere you want an emergency helps.